Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot Founded by Wesley United Methodist Church

Case Worker Instructions

We’ve scheduled an appointment for your client. The confirmed time and date are shown on the attached Referral & Liability form.

We ask that the form be signed by your client in your presence and by you, certifying your client’s need. We also ask that you read and review the attached Guest Instructions with your client.

If your client is unfamiliar with the location of the LVOD, please go to our web site and click on the link for directions, located under “Contact Us”. You will find a map that includes the location of the LVOD in relationship to Route 22, Airport Road and Hanover Avenue.

As the appointment date draws near, please follow up with your client.  If your client no longer needs the appointment, please contact me or the Outreach Depot – 610-351-1616 – so we can give this appointment to someone else in need.

Karen Schaefer

Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot

Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot, 619 E Allen St Allentown, PA 18109

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Telephone: 610-351-1616 Open Tue. & Sat. 9:00 AM ‐ 3 PM