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Disaster Relief Kits

Disaster Relief Kits help care for vulnerable people during times of crisis. They help sustain everyday life by providing basic necessities.

Each kit has a specific purpose and is tailored to meet that purpose. The design reflects years of experience dealing with a variety of situations and strict rules governing product entry into many countries around the world. Because of this experience, it is essential that the kits contain only the items listed – nothing more.

By donating kit supplies or financial gifts to purchase those supplies, you make a direct, tangible difference in the lives of desperate people all over the world.

At the Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot individuals and groups of volunteers assemble the following disaster relief kits and prepare them for shipment: Cleaning, Birthing, Layette, Health, School and Sewing. Complete list of items needed can be found under Donations.




Continuing needs:

Air freshener, cans – 8 or 9 oz.
Bags, plastic – gallon-size, sealable
Bags, Trash – 24-bag rolls, heavy-duty, 33-45 gallon
Bandages – Adhesive plastic strip, sterile (around the finger size)
Blankets, receiving – flannelette
Brushes, scrub
Buckets – 5-gallon with resealable lid
Clotheslines – (50 ft. or 100 ft.)
Clothes-pins – wood or plastic
Combs – large and sturdy
Crayons – box of 24 (only 24, no more)
Detergent, liquid laundry – (25 oz. or 50 oz. bottles)
Erasers, plain – 2 1/2”
Fingernail file or clippers (no emery boards or toenail clippers)
Gloves – latex (large or one size fits all)
Gloves, work (large)
Household cleaner, 12-16 oz. bottle (no ammonia)
Insect repellant spray, 6-14 oz. cans
Masks, dust
Pads (or loose leaf) of 8 1/2” x 11” ruled paper
Pads, scouring (not metal or infused with soap)
Pencils, unsharpened with erasers – (plain)
Plastic sheeting, 4 mil rolls, clear, 36″ wide
Razor Blades – boxes of single individually wrapped edge blades
Rulers – 30-centimeter
Scissors – blunt (rounded tip)
Sharpeners, pencil – hand-held
Soap, bath-size bar (3 oz. and up)(not Ivory or Jergens)
Soap, hotel size bar (1 oz. and up) (not Ivory or Jergens)
Soap, dish – bottle, disinfectant, 16-28 oz.
String, rolls of cotton
Toothbrushes – single, individually wrapped
Towels, cleaning (reusable wipes – like Handiwipes)
Towels, hand – 15” x 25” up to 17” x 27” (no kitchen towels)
Ziploc bags (quart and gallon size)

Birthing Kits